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Closed Monday May 27 for Memorial Day
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Call-in Hours: Mon-Fri, 8am to 1pm PDT
Closed Monday May 27 for Memorial Day
NOTE: USPS Shipping Times are NOT guaranteed and can take up to 10 mailing days.

Supporting the Washington State Wrestling Coaches for Over 20 Years

This fall WSWCA Clinic will be number 21 for Suplay. It’s never “Que Sera Sera” with us. We’re as excited this year as in years past. And talks with the vendors we represent let us know they are just as excited. The 2019-20 season promises changes. The competition uniform for wrestling has modifications, wrestling mats have improved in both safety and design, and new approaches to strength and conditioning have been introduced.

Fortunately, the companies that partner with Suplay allow us to be an integral part of what’s new and important in the sport. Resilite has introduced Mats that have improved safety and design. Nike, Adidas, Asics, Cliff Keen, Matman, and Brute have stepped up with new shoes and gear. Hygiene companies like Kennedy, Defense Soap, Hibiclens, Matguard, and the new Battleskins offer the latest in skin protection. And keep in mind that Suplayrepresents more high-end scales than any competitor in the business including Befour, Rice Lake, Summit, Tanita, and Health-O-Meter. We also feature all the important weight accessories (Calipers, Refractometers, and Re-agent Strips). Finally, Strength and conditioning companies include: Suples H.I.R.T.S (Rope Climber), Throwing Dummies, Bulgarian Bags, and Combat Bags as well as Gripmaster hand strengtheners.

For 2019, Suplay would like to introduce airPHX, to the Wrestling Community. Hospitals, Health clubs, Colleges, and participating schools across the country have installed airPHX as the answer to a germ-free environment. Once airPHX is installed, the air you breathe, and any surface you touch will be germ-free. Think about it. . . no more odor, a 30% reduction in contagious respiratory diseases like colds and flu, no more contagious surface germs like athlete’s foot, ringworm, mat herpes, MRSA, impetigo, and scabies. Want proof: Suplay can send you test results from Moses Lake High School, and testimony from users all across the country. Better yet, if you are interested, we can do germ scans at your school wrestling room, locker room, weight room or shower facility. Talk about proof positive. . .

And here’s another reason to consider airPHX: I understand that showers after turnout in today’s athletic programs are no longer required. That being the case, airPHX is even more important for health. The airPHX solution is simple and straight forward: PROTECT DON’T INFECT.

While you’re at the clinic, take time to stop by and talk to us about airPHX, or any equipment we represent for better wrestling. You know we have promotional information, samples and “give-a-ways” from the vendors we represent. And it’s always a pleasure to talk wrestling and to help you with your needs.

See you in Yakima.

Gary & the SUPLAY Crew

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