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About Us

Gary Frey, President of Suplay

My name is Gary Frey and I am the CEO of Suplay Products. Since 1956, I have been involved with amateur wrestling as a coach, an official, a tournament manager, a parent, and a dedicated fan of the sport. I was inducted into the Washington State Wrestling Coaches Association’s Hall of Fame in 1987. I belong to that body of: wrestlers, coaches, officials, tournament directors, and parents that make up our amazing wrestling community.

I am One of You!

I know your needs, and I understand your frustrations. I have coached for the love of the sport, and I have directed programs with virtually no funding. I have officiated on a volunteer basis, and I have run marathon wrestling tournaments on a hope and prayer. I have watched my son wrestle, and felt the rush when he won as well as the disappointment when he lost. I have helped countless young men grow and achieve their goals, and have witnessed the impact that the sport has had on their lives.

I Understand You!

I founded Suplay Products in 1969, and we plan to be around as long as there are wrestlers in need of quality equipment at an affordable price. We strive to meet our athletes’ needs, and take every opportunity to grow the sport of wrestling. We have been instrumental in bringing the sport of wrestling to the mainstream.

Our mission to the wrestling community is to provide the best quality and variety of wrestling equipment and gear at affordable prices.

Current Office Hours
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Suplay Products
P.O. Box 657
45 Marion Rd
Elma, WA 98541