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Call-in Hours: 8am to 4pm PDT
NOTE: USPS Shipping times are NOT guaranteed.


Wrestling Mat Tape

In 1971, Suplay broke a 3M strangle hold on Mat Tape with a PVC tape that offered all the qualities a coach wanted in a mat tape plus a terrific price. I made a trip to Japan with a special adhesive formula that guaranteed long shelf life and great flexibility. This adhesive formula combined with superior Japanese PVC plastic film was the break through that brought about affordable quality mat tape. This new tape was first used in Edmonton, Alberta, for the World Games. It was so well received that thereafter, almost every major wrestling supplier purchased and distributed Suplay Mat tape to the wrestling world at large. Brute, Cliff Keen, Matman, and Universal Resilite to name a few.
As the sport of wrestling grew so did the demand for mat tape and consequently the number of brands of mat tape on the market. Most of these competing companies opted for a less expensive "All Purpose" PVC tape that was designed primarily for electrical conduit not wrestling mats. This "All Purpose" tape is usually poorly packaged resulting in a short shelf life. Most importantly, their adhesive does not have resin enhancers and non-enhanced adhesive can over time cut mat edge life in half. Suplay's Mat Tape was developed specifically for mats and the result, Mat Guard, Suplay's patented break down preventative.
And let's face it, Coach, "All Purpose" mat tape might be adequate for some tape jobs. But what about your wrestling room tape job where the tape stays down for weeks?? Do you want to take a chance with your expensive mat????? If you don't care, coach, who will??

Why take a chance, let Suplay help. We will sell you our top of the line 8 mil, 3" or 4" Mat Tape with Mat Guard for the best price you have ever seen. Suplay Mat Tape is the STANDARD all mat tapes aspire to. Suplay will not compromise and we want to help you get the longevity and life from your wrestling mats you deserve. Our Mat Tape is the best you can buy ... we promise!.

Check these prices!
For Order quantities of 12 and 24 rolls

Classic 4" X 84' X 8mil
12 rolls for $123.00 ($10.25 per roll)
24 rolls for $240.00 ($10.00 per roll)

Classic 3" X 84' X 8mil
12 rolls for $99.00 ($8.25 per roll)
24 rolls for $192.00 ($8.00 per roll)

Budget andTournament Recommendation

One Shot 4"x 84' x 6mil
12 rolls for $105.00 ($8.75 per roll)
24 rolls for $204.00 ($8.50 per roll)

Guaranteed! If you are not satisfied with Suplay Mat Tape send unused tape back for
full refund or credit.

Our Striping tape is also an industry standard. We manufacture our striping tape in colors that are not opaque. Our colors are brilliant and true. We offer a choice of two lengths and 3 widths. Our striping tape is backed with a "slow" bond adhesive. If you apply it to a floor or mat for a temporary mark, it will come up easily and not leave an adhesive residue. If you leave our Striping Tape down for any length of time (Football helmets, 3 point circles, court marking) you can make the strips almost permanent with floor wax sizing. Our striping tape is the most versatile on the market.
Terrific for Mats!. Long shelf life!

Colors: Red, Blue, White, Yellow, Green, Black, Orange, Navy, Purple, Maroon

2" X 180' X 6mil
$10.00 per roll
3 rolls (all same color) for $27.00

2"X66' X6mil
$4.00 per roll
3 rolls (all same color) for $10.00

1" X 180' X6mil
$5.00 per roll
6 rolls (all same color) for $25.00

1" X66' X6mil
$2.00 per roll
6 rolls (all same color) for $11.00
½" X 66' AVAILABLE IN ALL COLORS. Call for pricing