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We have a new look: Learn more about your recent order.

Suplay Partners with airPHX Sports to Grapple Skin & Respiratory Problems

airPHX Sports PA 2400airPHX is the quick, easy, and affordable solution to the incessant odors and bacterial incursion that are the bane of athletic spaces. A game changer, airPHX (pronounced air-fix) has adapted its patented disinfection technology to the fitness world and the word is spreading. airPHX eliminates odors, bacteria, viruses and other harmful organisms throughout a facility - in the air and on surfaces including wrestling mats, wrestling equipment, turf, rubber, foam, and tile. Bacteria, MRSA, C.DIFF, mold, Staph, athlete’s foot fungus, contagious skin infections, and norovirus - virtually eliminated with the flip of a switch.

Effective treatment of one unit covers:

  • All surfaces exposed to the air
  • Wrestling mats
  • Bands and Straps
  • Flooring, including Turf
  • Rubber
  • Equipment
  • Weight
  • All ambient air in the space

What does it eliminate?

  • Odors
  • Influenza (the common cold)
  • Norovirus
  • MRSA and Staph
  • Contagious skin infections
  • Athletes foot
  • Over 30 common Bacteria and Viruses and the odors they cause
  • Chemical Free
  • 100% Organic

"The test results documented by a neutral, independent testing lab blew me away," says Suplay's founder and Wrestling Hall of Famer, Gary Frey. "You can't coach against sickness and disease, but airPHX gives you a leg up and a huge competitive advantage. I'm excited to spread the word about airPHX to every wrestling program in the country that there is now a solution for the skin and respiratory problems that have plagued the wrestling community for decades. Finally, a coach can focus on conditioning and technique and not have to worry about the persistent health problems that dog and destroy so many teams. I'm convinced airPHX is the answer."

    Contact us on 1-877.427.4400 to order your airPHX PA 2400 today.

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