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Airphx Air And Surface Decontamination

airPHX is the quick, easy and affordable solution to the incessant odors and bacterial incursion that are the bane of athletic spaces. A game changer, airPHX (pronounced air-fix) has adapted its patented disinfection technology to the fitness world and the word is spreading. airPHX eliminates odors, bacteria, viruses and other harmful organisms throughout a facility - in the air and on surfaces including wrestling mats, wrestling equipment, turf, rubber, foam, and tile. Bacteria, MRSA, C.DIFF, mold, Staph, athlete’s foot fungus, contagious skin infections, and norovirus - virtually eliminated with the flip of a switch. click here for more information on the airPhx 2400.

Effective treatment of one unit covers:

  • All surfaces exposed to the air
  • Wrestling mats
  • Bands and Straps
  • Flooring, including Turf
  • Rubber
  • Equipment
  • Weight
  • All ambient air in the space

What does it eliminate?

  • Odors
  • Influenza (the common cold)
  • Norovirus
  • MRSA and Staph
  • Contagious skin infections
  • Athletes foot
  • Over 30 common Bacteria and Viruses and the odors they cause
  • Chemical Free
  • 100% Organic

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