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Kennedy Bucketless Mop


Kennedy Industries leads the way with their innovative Bucketless Mop, pads and Disinfectant! You can`t beat the bucketless mop when it comes to convenient cleaning. It`s ready whenever you are! Translucent 52 ounce tank keeps solution level visible. Push button flow control applies solution only when needed. Anticlogging filter for consistent solution delivery. Ruggedly constructed with six month guarantee on solution dispensing mechanism from the date of purchase (against manuufacturer defects and for use under normal conditions). KenClean Plus #9KKC is the recommended cleaning liquid for this mop. Uses fiber technology mop heads that are non-abrasive and can stand up to hundreds of washings before needing replacement. Includes four mop pads and one quart Kennedy KenClean Plus Surface Disinfectant/Cleaner. Special ship charges apply.