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Note: US Postal Service does NOT guarantee any priority package shipments.
Note: US Postal Service does NOT guarantee any priority package shipments.

Mueller Sport Hot/cold Wrap Reusable


One of the challenges of applying therapeutic heat or ice to your shoulder or hip is the difficulty in wrapping and keeping ice packs or hot packs in place. The convoluted contour of the anatomy of large joints and body parts makes it difficult to effectively apply heat or ice. The Mueller Large Hot/Cold Therapy Wrap solves this problem with ease. The wrap, made by one of the most trusted names in sports medicine equipment, is the perfect therapy tool to use when ice or heat is needed to treat inflammation, sprains, or muscle strains. With its unique shape and design, the Mueller Hot/Cold Therapy Wrap is able to provide full coverage to your shoulder, hip, knee, thigh, or back. Features of the versatile Mueller Large Hot/Cold Therapy Wrap include: Comfortable fabric that applies firm compression while icing or heating. Adjustable side flaps with hook and loop fasteners for a customized fit. Detachable extension strap helps to lock your ice or heat in place for maximal therapeutic effect. Includes one large Mueller Hot/Cold pack measuring 6 inches x 9 inches for large body parts and joints. Inner mesh pouch keeps the ice pack or hot pack secure. Sports medicine experts agree that using ice and compression for acute injuries is best to treat inflammatory pain and swelling. Switching to heat once your injury has healed can help improve circulation and tissue mobility. With the Mueller Large Hot/Cold Therapy Wrap, you can be sure to have both ice and heat close at hand when inflammation strikes. It's perfect to manage pain during the post-operative period after surgery. The Mueller Large Hot/Cold Therapy Wrap is the ideal size for ice or heat application to your shoulder, back, hip, knee, or thigh. Pair this wrap with the small size Mueller wrap, and you've got all your bases covered.