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Elite Force Training Bag Wth Weights


Measures: 20 long, 9.5 round
Adjustable from: 5 Lbs – 40 Lbs

EFG 7 ergonomically placed HANDLE DESIGN consists of two Curl handles, one Centre handle and two End handles which are all designed to fully rotate around the handle webbing, helping to reduce the risk of injury to the hands and wrists from repetitive motion while training and two PADDED GRIP Neutral handles that ensures the user full comfort and full control while training. The PADDED GRIP HANDLE straps have full freedom of movement while training, also eliminating the risk of injury to the hands and wrists from repetitive motion.

The SMALL size sandbag is designed to accommodate the body frame and hand grip of adults and youths and comes with a foam liner inside the shell adding a slight buffer between you and the weights.

From the beginner athlete to the novice, being able to adjust your training weight on the fly is a must! That's why EFG INCLUDES multiple, pre-filled, sealed and labelled Weight Inserts in every bag!

The EFG Small (5Lb-40Lb) Sandbag comes with 3x 10Lb and 2x 5Lb Weighted Inserts.

NO Fuss, NO Muss, NO Dust and NO MESS!!