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Digiaward 16 In X16 In Graphic On A Mat


Exclusive photo graphic superimposed on a piece of wrestling mat, 16 x 16 . Perfect for special wrestling awards: e.g. Outstanding wrestler; Most Takedowns; Most Pins; Most wins; State Champion. This award is UNIQUE and definitely personifies the sport of WRESTLING. Price: $45.00 each - Set of 3 $130: 1 for school; 1 for Mom and Dad; 1 for Wrestler. PHOTO RECOMMENDATIONS: Photos must be taken with a Digital camera that is 3 Megapixel or greater. Please send 300dpi in .jpg, .png, .gif format photo for your award(s) to Holly@Suplay.Com. Please specify what you want your award to read (Wrestler's Name, Award Title and what the Award is for, Weight Class, Year, School Name, whatever you want!) in your email. I'll get back to you with a mockup showing you what the award will look like before we print, for your approval. Digital Photos – minimum resolution of 2048x1536 is required. A0 2048x1536 resolution is available on any digital camera with a MegaPixel rating of 3 or higher (review your camera manual to determine the correct setting on your camera). Scanned Images – minimum of 300 dpi scan is required. We recommend the image be scanned as a .tiff. Logos or Artwork – Vector artwork files are preferred. PDF or Illustrator Files. Any raster ( JPG ) artwork must be submitted at 300 dpi or greater and meet minimum pixel dimensions of 2048x1536. Vector artwork requires no minimum resolution requirements.