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Defense Soap - 4 Oz Bar


The ultimate in natural hygiene... these soothing bars are packed full of 100% natural essential oils known to have antimicrobial properties. The unique blend of these essential oils have been shown to destroy harmful bacteria, fungus and viruses in a matter of minutes. In doing so, Defense Soap™ leaves behind enough healthy skin bacteria to allow the skin flora to re-colonize in a few hours. Manufactured with only the highest quality 100% natural Tea Tree oils and Oil of Eucalyptus. Defense Soap™ is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Defense Soap has been so successful at lowering the rates of infectious outbreaks among our Senior and Junior Teams, that we're now expanding the program across the entire Olympic Training Facilities. Defense Soap is the healthiest, safest way to take down skin diseases. Lee Kemp, Three-Time World Champion 2008 USA Olympic Freestyle Coach CONTAINS NO PETROCHEMICAL COMPOUNDS, TRICLOSAN OR SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE Case of 12 $73 - CASE OF 72 $365 Special Shipping Applies