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TakedownPro is a wrestling footwork system designed to teach wrestlers the paramount footwork in wrestling. Use Takedown Pro at home for your wrestler to practice, and it's an invaluable tool in he Wrestling Practice Room helping to keep wrestlers on task!

The TakedownPro is placed on the mat or carpet and allows for custom size and stance setup. Pads are designed with a rubber bottom for a non-slip placement while still offering easy setup and cleanup.

The TakedownPro is made for both home use (single set) and in the wrestling room. During a practice with 20-50 wrestlers, we recommend ordering multiple sets depending on how large of a group you are working with.

TakedownPro is a wrestling footwork system designed to teach wrestlers the paramount footwork in wrestling. This footwork is known in the wrestling world as the "penetration step". This step is vital to the development of young wrestlers. Unfortunately, even after several years of wrestling, many wrestlers cannot perform an effective penetration step. Without this skill , the development of a wrestler will be undoubtedly hindered. TakedownPro is a straightforward and effective tool that will both accelerate and reinforce the body control and muscle memory needed to perform this important skill.
The penetration step is a cornerstone skill in the sport of wrestling. It is the backbone of the most common offensive takedowns. Some of the most common offensive moves that wrestlers must master are the double leg, single leg and high crotch. These moves all require a smooth, fast and controlled penetration step. In order for this skill or any skill throughout countless varieties of disciplines to be useful it must be performed by the athlete with relative ease. If the athlete has to consciously think about each part of the move, executing in live competition will be extremely difficult. The move must first be mastered so that it can be performed automatically, with very little conscious effort. To reach this level of efficiency, a wrestler must perform hundreds, even thousands of correct repetitions. Once this has been mastered, offensive leg attacks or shots, will become as effortless and automatic as a knee-jerk reaction at the doctors office. TakedownPro is a structured framework that will ensure your wrestler gets the flawless reps necessary to reach this automatic level of execution.

What age group is TakedownPro designed for?

Though almost any wrestler will benefit from using the TakedownPro system, there are a couple specific groups of athletes that will benefit the most from incorporating the TakedownPro into their regular training.

Youth Wrestlers

The first group is any youth wrestler. Youth wrestlers need to build a base of muscle memory and typically it is this group that has the hardest time learning a penetration step. Unfortunately, the structure of many youth practices, combined with the reality of a limited number of coaches does not allow for each wrestler to receive the attention they may need. Because of this, many youth wrestlers struggle to develop a correct, smooth and effective penetration step.

Wrestlers Who Want to Learn Shots and Offense to Both Left and Right Sides

Do your wrestlers have a favorite shot but are only able to execute it to one side? Most wrestlers are limited to their dominant side. The TakedownPro can help wrestlers of all ages and experience levels learn the muscle memory and proper footwork required to be equally as effective at shooting to both sides of their opponent's body. This ambidextrous style of teaching is prevalent in countries who consistently succeed at the highest levels; countries such as Russia and Iran for instance often push their wrestlers to learn the same attack to both left and right sides, giving their wrestlers a more complete set of skills to use.

Wrestlers New to the Sport (1-4 years of experience)

Another group the TakedownPro is extremely beneficial for are those relatively new to the sport. This wrestler may be an elementary schooler, middle schooler or high schooler having only wrestled for 1-4 years. At this age, wrestling practices are often geared towards "higher" level technique which does not allow wrestlers who are new to the sport to develop what they need the most, fundamentals. Teaching new wrestlers advanced moves beyond their scope of experience early in their development is the equivalent of teaching someone to swim by throwing them in the water; clearly it is not the most effective way to learn. Often times middle school and high school coaches struggle to find time to work with new wrestlers on their fundamentals. Because of this, new wrestlers are forced to progress without ever developing the cornerstone to their wrestling skills.

Any Wrestler With a Weak or Subpar Penetration Step

The TakedownPro works directly on the core skill of the penetration step. Go to any level of wrestling and you will find wrestlers who have wrestled for years but still struggle to incorporate an effective penetration step into their wrestling. If your wrestler lacks confidence, muscle memory or speed in his penetration step consistent training with the TakedownPro will help fix the fundamental issues in the technique.
Do I need a specific size for my wrestler?

No, TakedownPro is fully adjustable to fit any size wrestler.
Is TakedownPro left or right hand/foot specific?

TakedownPro works for both left and right handed wrestlers. It can be easily adjusted to develop penetration steps to both sides of the body and this is one of its most beneficial uses.
Does TakedownPro work on surfaces other than a wrestling mat?

Yes, TakedownPro works well on carpet as well as wrestling mats. It not only directs the wrestler of how to perform the penetration step, it also provides an extra layer of padding to protect the wrestler's knee from carpet burns and bruises.