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We have a new look: Learn more about your recent order.

Workout Ball Weight 13 Lbs Endurance


Suples Ball allows new movements and exercises that increase your strength while giving you an intense cardio workout. Their movable handles also allow you to use the Suples Fit Ball as a traditional medicine ball. The strap handles, the dimensions and the durability of the Suples Fit Ball helps you implement more dynamic movements, to implement more speed, train more cardio and so you can last longer with your grip while training. That is the tool you need to go with: The Suples Fit Ball New FIT BALL: NEW AND IMPROVED NO Carabiner. Upgraded with a steel, oval screw link. (eliminates frayed fabric) Higher Grade Synthetic Material Sublimated Branding on strap handles Multiple Air Vents Increased visibility of lbs. & kg. for easier weight recognition Shipping for13 lb ball is $20.00