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Versamat Home Wrestling Mat

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VERSA MAT Seventy percent of champion wrestlers have a home mat. Champions realize that technique and timing are acquired through REPETITION and in wrestling repetition is best acquired with year around practice. To practice year around a wrestler needs a home mat.. The 10 ft X 10 ft X 1 inch Versa Mat is perfect for Home use, for Dojos, for Martial Arts Academies and for Health clubs. Our Versa mat now comes in three colors: Blue, Red and Black. Our Versa Mat is Head Impact approved. It's usable on both sides, it's easy to clean, and it's easy to move and store. Shipping Included in the Continental US! • Package includes 9 tiles and 12 border pieces to provide ample workout and training room • Eco-friendly EVA closed cell foam is crafted to avoid damaging the planet • Sophisticated tatami surfaces by Get Rung provide comfort and safety while offering ample support and traction • Mat sets up and takes down quick and easy • Great for wrestling, and all MMA disciplines such as karate, jiu jitsu, muy thai, grappling, kick boxing, and more • Safety and fire rated, and lead and latex free for resilient and reliable use • Coverage of 100 square feet (10 x 10) • Tiles measure 1 H x 40 L x 40 W

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