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We have a new look: Learn more about your recent order.

Tapout Mouthguard 2 Pack! Youth

by Tapout

Mouth Guards have been around forever and Suplay features and sells all the good ones. We've got Brain Pad, Shock Doctor, Masel, and Protech Dent. Prices range from $34.99 to $5.99 and all these companies claim to sell the "best mouth guard" on the market. There are double styles, top styles, styles that allow you to breathe, styles designed for braces. . . you name it we "got" it. All these MouthGuards offer a dental warrenty ranging from a high of $12,500 to a Low of $7500.
Now get this. . . all of a sudden we find a Mouth guard that guarantees a Perfect Fit for upper jaw, lower jaw, and guys with or without braces. It allows an athlete to breathe and promises to protect his winning smile. This mouth guard even improves performance: you can jump higher, lift more, and reach and jump farther.
Unbelievable you say. . . Well how about this back up: This Mouthguard has an Unprecedented Guarantee. It backs its claims with a $30,000 Dental Warranty. Of course, I'm talking about The TapOut Mouth Guard. . . truly Safety By Science. It is made of EVER-MOLD Advanced Composite. It can be re-boiled and re-molded multiple times. The Tap Out works for every sport and every athlete. Now, the real surprise.
Despite all its features A Tap Out Mouthguard doesn't cost $40.00. It doesn't cost $33.99, or $29.99 it sells for the unbelievable low price of $17.99. And get this. . . you get two of 'em for that price. Talk about a deal. . .
The best Mouth guard ever made, for - are you ready-- Two (2) for $17.99, and we'll include: Two Colors, Two Guards, and Two Straps in every pack

Mouthguards are not returnable due to health regulations