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Strobel:riding And Pinning Dvd

by Champs
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with Greg Strobel
Lehigh University Head Coach, '04 NWCA Coach of the Year
Riding your opponent in wrestling is hard work. In this DVD, Coach Strobel shows your wrestlers the fundamentals--and some tricks--that will help keep your opponent on the mat. Strobel begins by demonstrating cradles and arm bars, covering near, far, basket, and cross-face cradles. From there he shows proper spiral rides and tight waist rides and also shows how to get some quick points with tilts from these rides. Strobel closes with his favorite move - the Far-Leg Turk. You can be a good wrestler without strong riding and pinning skills, but to be a Champion, riding is a must. With this DVD, your young wrestlers will get a good foundation in riding and pinning skills!
46 minutes. FREE SHIPPING!

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