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Session 6 Mental Training 4 Disk Set

Over 3 hours of positive mental training on audio CD’s!
Disc 1 (3 tracks): Mental visualization in the areas of conditioning, technique, executing moves and attitude. Includes a short relaxation sequence for pre-match relaxation and a long relaxation sequence for post match and post workout mind and muscle recovery. (37:28)
Disc 2 (4 tracks): Includes a five part series of how to mentally deal with discomfort, weight-cutting, injury healing, motivation to condition and how to keep your eye on your dream. (50:10)
Disc 3 (3 tracks): This disc runs the wrestler through mental preparation for a specific big match. Includes tracks on how to deal with pre-match nervousness and on following through for successful completion of your goals. (51:16)
Disc 4 (4 tracks): Specific mental visualization on four key components of successful wrestling: controlling the mat, scoring at the end of a period, how to come from behind for the win and how to keep stretch out a lead and finish off your opponent. (41:10)