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Note: US Postal Service does NOT guarantee any priority package shipments.
Note: US Postal Service does NOT guarantee any priority package shipments.

Resilite 40` Mat 40`x40`x1.25 Thick

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- EZ Mat Lifter

- Resilite Comparision POV

- Shock Absorbent

- Takedown microbes

- Wainscoting Sheet

Suplay has been selling Resilite Classic (Two sided) mats for many years.
We’re proud to be part of Resilite's nationwide sales force that provides the best athletic mats available to schools and organizations across the country.

It all starts with the FOAM CORE. For this reason, Resilite uses closed-cell rubber nitrile foam, the best foam core in the industry, designed specifically for impact protection.

It is a common misperception that all foam mats of the same thickness offer the same protection. In the interest of safety, The American Society of Testing and Materials International (ASTMI) established ASTM F1081-97(03) "Specification for Competition Wrestling Mats". The ASTM standard is a basic guideline to assist schools, athletic directors, coaches and architects in the types of foam acceptable and general information about mat construction. Resilite continuously tests their mats internally and with independent testing laboratories to ensure your mat

meets or exceeds ASTM F 1081-03 "Standard Specification for Competition Wrestling Mats" in accordance with ASTM F 355 "Test Method for Shock Absorbing Properties of Playing Surface Systems and Materials".

Every Resilite Classic mat is coated on both sides and edges with Resilite's Exclusive #457 vinyl coating

for added durability and making the mat easier to clean and disinfect. Customers may also choose to add Microban® Antimicrobial Product Protection to help protect the top and bottom mat surfaces from bacteria, mold and mildew.

Resilite allows you to customize your mat in a variety of ways, colors, and sizes... from 1-piece mats to multiple sections.

Large competition-sized mats include: Mat Tubes, Mat Straps, Care & Handling Booklet, and a Repair Kit.

Resilite’s time-honored RSP625 collegiate-style mat. This mat is ideal for use as a competition mat or for use in your wrestling practice room because of the durability, sure-footing qualities and outstanding vinyl-coated surface. The RSP625 1.25" mat also meets thickness standards for use in gymnastic applications.