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Remnant Home Mat 11½ ` X 11½` X 1

SKU mz23
Foam: Remnant Home Use Mats are made from your choice of 1 or 1 ¼ thick new Armacell®/Ensolite® foam core and will have an increased number of cross seams and may have small dents or creases. The mat may have more cross seams and flaws but it has the same protection that the first quality mat provides. Wrestling mat foam comes to Resilite in 5' width by many yards long foam rolls. We lay these rolls side by side and glue them together to form the size of mat ordered by the customer. When we come to the end of the roll, there is material left over. These left over pieces measure anywhere from 1' to 6' long. We store these pieces until we have enough material to manufacture a Remnant Home Use Mat. Sometimes from storing these pieces, they may develop a small crease or indent.. A Remnant mat has the same guarantee and the same impact qualities as a new mat. The difference between remnant and new is the number of pieces of virgin foam (usually 3) glued together to make a Home mat. Resilite has a Home Use Mat designed for your budget and training requirements. Our mats are the most protective wrestling mats available. They are manufactured with the same foam core used in manufacturing mats for the NCAA Championships™, universities, and high schools across the country. Resilite mats are designed to provide years of dependable service.3 Year Guarantee SPECIFY COLOR OF MAT AND LINE COLOR.