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Purler: Foundations Of Wrestling Set #1

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PHASE I (2 DISCS INCLUDES TRAINING MANUAL ON DVD) Phase I of Foundation Wresting is the sport of wrestling defined, explained, and taught. Many feel that Foundation Wrestling / Phase I is the finest wrestling product ever produced for the sport of wrestling, and we believe that is true. You will learn that wrestling is made up of 4 key areas and that your FOUNDATION is built upon these 4 pillars: Match Readiness / Positioning / Hand-fighting / Technique.
Part I offers you an overall look at what wrestling is all about.
If a wrestler or a coach was to read the booklet provided with FOUNDATION WRESTLING Phase I and he will gain not only an understanding of WHAT and HOW to think when preparing for competition, but also a game plan to follow for their individual wrestling or training the minds of their team. The competitive mind must be 'trained' just as the competitor's muscles and technical skills must be trained into him.
In addition, Phase I offers a you a very pin-pointed study of the concept of POSITIONING. What is POSITIONING? From a coaching stand point, if my wrestler gets taken down with 10 single legs this weekend, I am not going to work single leg counters with my wrestler but FIRST, I want to find out WHY he had an opponent on his legs 10 times to begin with! This is positioning. Purler teaches you about positioning on our feet as well as the 5 main POWER POSITIONS: Neutral / top / bottom / leg attack / sprawl position.
When you watch and study Purler's HANDFIGHTING section, you'll be entertained and also educated on exactly what is happening on the wrestling mat. Wrestling is not two men trying to do moves on each other, it is an organized fight. However, we fight with technique and you (the wrestler and coach) will learn the 5 ways of breaking your opponent's stance. Once you can set up your opponent, you can score. You can't win matches by staring and too often, we teach kids to 'be aggressive' by shooting / diving for his legs. Being aggressive means attacking your opponent's wrestling stance. Simply stated: if POSITIONING is so important, doesn't it make sense to be able to break your opponent's position? That is hand-fighting.
FOUNDATION WRESTLING offers you the BEST 1-2 moves form the MOST COMMON areas in wrestling. Positions you will find yourself in during almost every wrestling match. For example, from the top position my opponent is going to stand up, maybe 5 times a match. If I get 60 matches this season, that is 300 times I need to put him back to the wrestling mat. I may get 400 front headlocks this season. My opponent may grab a collar tie on me 375 times this season. I may be able to get 225 cross wrist ties from top position each season, as these are common positions. From these COMMON positions, you have 1-3 GREAT techniques and Foundation Wrestling teaches you what to do, how to do it, and most importantly how to learn and teach it!
The Foundation System / Purler Wrestling Academy approach is to get kids into the medals quickly! Our zero-to-hero technique system offers you a solution of where to begin, as sometimes it can seem over-whelming.