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Purler: Beginning Wrestlers Set 3 Dvds

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Purler's youth / beginner’s series is recommended for wrestlers with zero to three years of experience. Many of the skills and ideas shared on the Beginner’s series are areas not covered in many wrestling programs. Many wrestlers have trained at Purler Wrestling Academy that have as much as 4-5 years of experience that knew little more than a half nelson and double leg. This beginner’s series is not only for beginners in the sport of wrestling, but also serves as an introduction to the Foundation wrestling system of wrestling. Purler's Youth / Beginner’s DVDs focus the wrestlers on fundamental positioning and hand-fighting while putting an emphasis on high percentage / low-risk techniques from the common wrestling positions. The primary focus is on the high percentage but easier to learn skills so that the wrestlers can quickly develop an arsenal of ‘go to’ techniques from wrestling’s most common positions. This creates confidence and excitement for the wrestlers and parents alike, and also makes or a more enjoyable experience for the coaches as well. Too often, we waste time with our novice wrestlers trying to force feed them the techniques and skills that they are not ready to learn. I have seen this in other sports that I’ve done as well and this is something the wrestling coaches must not do! We need for our newer wrestlers to enjoy the sport immediately and Foundation Wrestling Youth/ Beginner’s series will do this for you. FREE SHIPPING!