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Matguard Lg Wipes - Tub Of 65 Wipes

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MATGUARD® ANTISEPTIC WIPES contain a patented formulation that has proven to be extremely effective at killing 99.9% of the germs, viruses and bacteria that people involved in athletic and physical activity come in contact with... MATGUARD® ANTISEPTIC WIPES are Isopropyl Alcohol based, ready-to-use products that won?t dry the body, and won?t leave a sticky gel residue. Matguard® body wipes are ideal for on the go athletes who may not have time to shower. Matguard® body wipes leave the body completely clean with a light citrus odor. MATGUARD® antiseptic wipes, when used as directed, are virucidal, tuberculocidal, bactericidal, and fungicidal. Canister containing 65 extra large full body wipes which are perfect for a complete body wipe down after every practice, match, meet, game or athletic activity. Special Shipping Applies 3 Pack Special! 3 Tubs for $90!