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Mat Rack Mr-3W. Movable / W Winch

Mat Rack (Winch Loaded)
Loading your mats is easy with the Mat Rack MR-3. Your mat will be protected and you will free up valuable storage space with the Winch Loaded Mat Rack System. Make handling, moving and the storage of wrestling mat sections an easy task. The efficient design and ease of operation have made our products indispensable. Only one person is needed to load your mats onto the rack.
If you store your mats in an active area, you'll want a set of padded bumper guards to reduce impact type injuries. The padding is covered with 18 oz. vinyl fabric, the toughest in the business! The bumper guards mount onto the frame of each unit and they attach with Velcro® straps.
Holds three mat sections
14' L x 32 D each
Frame Dimensions:
18 L x 4' W x 6' 6 H
Cables: 7000 lb test
Weight: 500 lbs.
Fabrications: 14 gauge, zinc plated steel
Four - 6 non-marking caster wheels
Passes through standard sized double doors
Mats can be loaded by one person