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Leather Dummy Greco Small 90-140Lbs


GRECO Throwing Dummy (no legs) SIZE EXTRA SMALL for wrestlers 60-90# The Greco Roman Throwing dummy is designed for mostly upper body drills and throws. The long torso with no legs allows fast and easy repetitive throws over the chest and over back. The Greco Roman dummy is also very useful for drilling in the parterre position (down on the mat / referee position) such as straight and reverse lifts along with the gut wrenches and arm bars. Compared with the free style dummy the Greco Roman dummy feels a little more convenient for throws because of the special design with the narrow shape at the bottom part of the dummy. We will recommend the Suples-Greco Dummy for the wrestlers that will use mostly upper body techniques. This new, imported Bulgarian Throwing Dummy is made of the highest quality soft leather, hand sewn and stuffed to perfection. This design and stuffing assures easy repetitive throwing. This dummy is flexible, durable and highly respected among the elite in wrestling. The dummy comes in FOUR sizes; extra small for little kids (60-90 pounds) small for kids (90-140 pounds), medium for cadets and juniors (140-190 pounds), and large for seniors(190-250 pounds). GRECO DUMMIES HAVE NO LEGS (JUST SOLID ON BOTTOM) - FREESTYLE HAVE LEGS Greco Roman Throwing dummy / No Legs Special ship charges apply. SPECIAL SHIPPING FOR THIS ITEM ($60.00) - AN OPERATOR WILL CALL TO CONFIRM AND ADD SPECIAL SHIPPING TO YOUR ORDER.