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Kennedy Deep Clean Ii Gallon


DEEP CLEAN YOUR MATS! New Improved Cleaner for when mats need to be deep cleaned. Now with the power of hydrogen peroxide! Oxidizes grime and stains. Destroys odors. Provides color safe bleaching action which will brighten mat surface for a cleaner appearance. Concentrated cleaner. 3 ounces makes one gallon of cleaner. Rinses with water only. No rinse aid needed. Kennedy Sustainable Certified Deep Clean II is a powerful cleaner for monthly use (or as needed) when mats need to be deep cleaned. Traditional disinfectant cleaners do double duty cleaning and disinfecting. Over time body oils, soap residue and grime can build up on your mats which may make them look dingy and may even make disinfecting more challenging. That's when a more powerful cleaning is needed. Deep Clean II uses the power of hydrogen peroxide to thoroughly clean your mat surfaces. Deep Clean II is sold in gallon containers. It is a concentrated cleaner with three ounces of product per gallon of water ratio. Special ship charges apply.