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Ivan Ivanov Dummy Speed Freestyle Xs


Why the Speed Dummy® - The Speed Dummy is designed to be almost half the weight of the regular throwing dummy. That makes the speed dummy a lot more functional while practicing throws, techniques and combat fitness movements. - The difference of the stuffing materials makes the speed dummy much more flexible and a lot easier to practice than the traditional throwing dummy that we use for building explosive power and technique. - The arm dimensions are designed with extra length to allow a more convenient hold and grip. - The Speed Dummy is designed to bounce off the mat while throwing. That helps the athlete to quickly reset for the next throw without lifting it every time. - The Speed Dummy is designed to develop speed and intensity while executing throws. Size XS (52 , 24 lbs) for ATHLETES 60-90 lbs Size S (58 , 35 lbs)for ATHLETES 90-140 lbs Size M (63 , 46 lbs) for ATHLETES 140-190 lbs Size L (68 , 50 lbs) for ATHLETES 190-250 lbs SPECIAL SHIPPING FOR THIS ITEM ($35.00) - AN OPERATOR WILL CALL TO CONFIRM AND ADD SPECIAL SHIPPING TO YOUR ORDER.