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Gladiator Wallfitness Foundation!

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Gladiator Wall - Sturdy & Solid Quality Beech Wood - 400 lb Safety Rating - Ideal for Fitness Centers, Home/Garage Gyms, & Clinics! FREE SHIPPING TO CONTINENTAL USA! Gladiator Wall accessories available (dip bar, ropes, pulley, etc. Search DIGA in our search bar). 8' Tall / 3' Wide / 1' Deep Support up to 400 lbs. Each Gladiator Wall comes with a user friendly instructional guide and instructional exercise DVD from creator Ivan Ivanov. The Gladiator Wall can be mounted to a concrete/Cinder Block Wall or Wood Framed Wall. There are a few other options available if you have a different type of wall, but those are the most common. The wall comes with the mounting kit that is needed to mount the Gladiator Wall. The Gladiator Wall only mounts to the wall. Included are the beams, bolts, and bars. Tools to assemble the Gladiator Wall (like a wrench) are not included. Only a few simple hand tools are needed for assembly. If you are interested in multiple units, please contact Jamie directly (800-634-4874). FREE SHIPPING TO CONTINENTAL USA!