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Gladiator Wall - Drum Pulley Endless

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The Gladiator Wall Drum Pulley Endless is designed for both short intense interval training routines as well as long duration endurance training. It is all upper body, emphasizing cardio and muscular endurance preparation. The Pulley is built on the principal: The harder you pull the more resistance you will receive. with this principle in mind, the Pulley works great for young kids to world-class professional athletes. The way the Gladiator Wall and the Pulley fit together allows you to keep the Pulley up high so it will not take up space in your gym. One of the Best Routines for training on the Pulley is the Tabatha routine: 20 seconds intense pulling with 10 sec. rest time, repeated 8 times. The Gladiator Wall Drum Pulley is a great super burn exercise for any level of training. * 1 Year Warranty for all non leather products FREE SHIPPING TO CONTINENTAL USA. (For more Gladiator Wall accessories, type in DIGA in our search bar) See the Gladiator Wall information and picture - search DIGW