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Elite Force Gear Wrecker Training Bag


Available in 3 sizes including 25lbs (perfect for kids and youth with small frames), 40lbs & 60lbs, the Wrecker training bag from Elite Force Gear is perfect for wrestling teams that are as diverse as the sport. Coaches or athletes can easily vary the weighted inserts (which come in 5, 10, and 20lb inserts) to make the bag lighter or heavier to suit the athlete (for ages from 5-18) or training sessions.

The full length, built-in zipper cover prevents elements like mud, rain & snow from getting inside the bag so you can take your training outdoors, in all seasons and in the harshest of elements.

The Wrecker is constructed using the same Military Spec materials and workmanship as our Sprint models and the quality of the gear speaks for itself.


  • The Junior sandbag measures 17.5 long x 7.5 round and is adjustable, in 5lb increments, from 5 Lbs – 25 Lbs and is ideal for younger children ages 5-11 (perfect for kids and youth with small frames)
  • The Small sandbag measures 20? long x 9.5? round and is adjustable from 5 Lbs – 40 Lbs
  • The Large sandbag measures 22.5? long X 11? round and is fully adjustable from 5lbs – 60lbs

Note: The Junior Sprint 25lb bag is designed for ages 5 - 11 years. The body is shorter to accommodate a child's frame and the handles are a smaller diameter for a child's hands.