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Dummy Simulated Leather Freestyle Xs


Eco Freestyle Bulgarian Wrestling Throwing Dummies The Eco freestyle wrestling dummy is the ideal dummy that can be used for upper and lower body drills. It is made of soft black artificial leather. The proper anatomical dimensions allow the athletes to easily accomplish repetitive drills with upper body techniques and also leg attacks. Wearing a harness on a dummy will help the athletes to do a variety of different drills. The strong and soft artificial leather allows the marital arts athletes to drill safely with powerful punches and leg sweeps. * Two arms and two legs * Artifical Black Leather * Made in Bulgaria Extra Small: Weight 33-35 lbs.; Height 52 inches; For athletes 60-90 lbs. SPECIAL SHIPPING FOR THIS ITEM ($50.00) - AN OPERATOR WILL CALL TO CONFIRM AND ADD SPECIAL SHIPPING TO YOUR ORDER.