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Dummy Leather Freestyle Large 190-250Lbs


Free Style Throwing dummy/ Legs The Free style throwing dummy is a universal dummy that can be used for upper and lower body drills. The proper anatomical dimensions allows the athletes to easily accomplish repetitive drills. The advantage to drill leg shots makes the dummy really helpful for the 3 wrestling styles in the USA (Free style, folk-style and Greco) along with Judo and Martial arts. This new, imported Bulgarian Throwing Dummy is made of the highest quality soft leather, hand sewn and stuffed to perfection. This design and stuffing assures easy repetitive throwing. This dummy is flexible, durable and highly respected among the elite in wrestling. The dummy comes in FOUR sizes; extra small for little kids (60-90 pounds) small for kids (90-140 pounds), medium for cadets and juniors (140-190 pounds), and large for seniors(190-250 pounds). So if you're on the market for a life-like training partner that can take all the punishment you can give, choose IVAN'S all-leather Bulgarian series dummies. But beware! You never know when they've had enough! GRECO DUMMIES HAVE NO LEGS (JUST SOLID ON BOTTOM) - FREESTYLE HAVE LEGS Special ship charges apply. SPECIAL SHIPPING FOR THIS ITEM ($60.00) - AN OPERATOR WILL CALL TO CONFIRM AND ADD SPECIAL SHIPPING TO YOUR ORDER.