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Bulgarian Suples Canvas Bag Xl 45#

Call For Price and customization...

Canvas Bulgarian Bags Identical in size and shape to the original leather Bulgarian Bags, the Suples Canvas Bulgarian Bags are made of the highest quality heavy-duty canvas available. The durable heavy-duty canvas is built to last, and provides a great entry level bag at a lower price! You can use the Suples Canvas Bulgarian Bag to acheive a full upper and lower body training workout, and the three different types of handles allow athletes to perform mulitple exercises with different grips. These bags also use the same color coded straps to quicly and easily identify size and weight. Suples Training bags deliver a total body workout that will bring the animal in you! The Bulgarian Bag comes with an instructional DVD to get you started. Each DVD has demonstrations of proper use and demos of intense training right from the creator, Ivan Ivanov. Sizing Recommendations * Extra Small Bag - For Athletes 60-100 lbs. * Small Bag - For Athletes 101-150 lbs. * Medium Bag - For Athletes 151-190 lbs. * Large Bag - For Athletes 191-285 lbs. * Extra Large Bag - Athletes that are physically well prepared with good strength and conditioning.