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Bulgarian Leather Training Bag Xl 50 Lbs


The Suples Strength & Conditioning Bag is made of the highest quality tough leather, hand sewn and stuffed to perfection. This bag is flexible, durable and highly respected among the elite athletes in wrestling, Judo, and martial arts. The Suples Strength & Conditioning Bag is used by Olympic and World level athletes in Bulgaria and at the Olympic Training Center in Marquette Michigan USA. The Suples Strength & Conditioning Bag comes with the instructional DVD. This DVD provides instruction and recommended workouts from a World Class athlete Olympian, and US coach Ivan Ivanov. XL - 50 LBS BAG Recommended for physically well-prepared athletes with outstanding strength and anaerobic conditioning. These bags are not meant for the casual user. They are demanding on all levels and should only be used by the experienced athlete. Its brown straps identify this bag size. Shipping for this bag is $43