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Brainpad Mouthguard Sanitizer System

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NatureZoneTM - Sanitizing & Deodorizing Chamber.
Sanitizes any oral appliance including sport and night guards, retainers, dentures, veneers, toothbush heads, by killing germs that reside on and in the micro-fissures of worn appliances. Deodorizes oral appliances by destroying bacteria that cause odors when synthesizing(living).
Tested and Proven to KILL super-bugs (Anti-biotic resistant infectious pathogen strains of: MRSA & STAPH and a multitude of others).
Internationally used Hospital Sanitizing Technology now available to the consumer.
Ultra Violet Light AND new Ozone Ion Technology offers sanitizing into thermoplastic micro-fissures
increasing health safety and reducing oral infection risk
Push button operation with LED indicator light when FAST 3min cycle has finished
No messy chemicals, soaking or re-purchasing of cleaning tablets
Battery powered - Goes anywhere. 100% portable. FAST and EASY to use.
Every home should have one ! Every athlete should carry one !
A chemical-free, green technology