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Call-in Hours: 8am to 4pm PDT
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Call-in Hours: 8am to 4pm PDT
NOTE: USPS Shipping times are NOT guaranteed.

Airros Surface-Air Decontaminant Large

by Airros
SKU airROS4120

SUGGESTED USE: Gym, Cafeteria, Auditorium Coverage: 400,000+ cubic feet.

AirROS Surface & Air Purifier utilizes high voltage and high frequency-controlled pulses, but very low amperage to create non-thermal plasma and generate ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species). ROS are the sanitation/cleaning agents that prevent and destroy Molds (including Powdery Mildew), Viruses, and other Pathogens and control/eliminate Odor in the Air and Surfaces in two stages: Coronavirus (CoVid-19) is destroyed by utilizing AirROS by SAGE Industrial purifiers patented technology to create ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species).

ROS in the environment reacts to create Trioxidane, a natural microbial, which kills Coronavirus (CoVid-19) on contact. 90% reduction in less than 4 mins, 99.99% in 15 min, and full kill in less than 45 mins.

We DESTROY on surfaces and in the air, PURIFY the environment, and DEFEND against cross-contamination. Effective Treatment of one unit covers: All surfaces exposed to the air Wrestling mats Bands and Straps Flooring, including Turf Rubber Equipment Weight All ambient air in the space

What does it Eliminate?

  • Odors Staph aureus (mRSA)
  • Citrobacter Pseudomonas
  • Yeast Candida (Fungus)
  • Coronavirus (CoVid-19)
  • Influenza A (including Bird Flu)
  • Norovirus (stomach flu)
  • Rhinovirus (colds)

Gary Frey, NWAC Hall of Fame - The test results documented by a neutral, independent testing lab blew me away. You can't coach against sickness and disease, but airROS gives you a leg up and a huge competitive advantage. I want to get the word out to every wrestling program in the country that there is now a solution for the skin and respiratory problems that have plagued the wrestling community for decades. Finally, a coach can focus on conditioning and technique and not have to worry about the persistent health problems that dog and destroy so many teams. I'm convinced airROS is the answer.