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Grapple At The Garden Trading Pin

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Trading Pins in wrestling are a traditional way to show that you travel, compete, and/or  are part of the wrestling community.  At the Olympics and the World Games these pins are exchanged (traded).  A wrestler from Japan, for instance, will trade his Japanese Pin for a USA pin.  The more places a wrestler competes or visits the more pins he has in his collection.  The Pins are usually displayed on the gear bag or hat.  Trading Pins are  catching on in a big way in the USA.

Let Suplay design a CUSTOM trading Pin that represents your team or club.  We employ the best graphic artists in the business and our designs are outstanding.  Most important, you can see what you get before you lay down your money.

Usually a team or club's boosters purchase the pins in bulk and sell the pins to help raise funds for their team.  Keep in mind that every Pin is CUSTOM manufactured and represents your team or club.  Allow 3 weeks for turn around time