Mat tape - The things you need to know...

A properly taped Wrestling mat seam should hold almost indefinitely. Unfortunately, most tape jobs are not done properly. To tape a wrestling mat the "right" way, attention must be focused on the following:
  • 1) Clean mat seams.
  • 2) No "stretch" in the mat tape when applied to the seam.

Dirty Mat Seams

To begin with, no tape will stick to a dirty mat seam. Dirty seams include:
  • 1) seams with adhesive residue left over from previous tapings
  • 2) Seams with dust and dirt acquired when moving the mat or walking on the mat.
  • 3) Seams with a soap film residue built up over mopping with a mat cleaner that was not measured and was mixed too strongly.
All three of these problems can be eliminated by scrubbing the dirty seams with a "scotch" pad saturated with commercial "Adhesive Remover" or, if you want to save money, buy paint thinner, or naphtha. Make sure you wipe any solvent residue off your mat with a paper towel or rag. Let seams dry thoroughly.

Do NOT stretch the tape!

Secondly, even with a clean mat seam tape will have trouble sticking if you STRETCH the PVC tape when you strip it from the roll. Think about it. . . When you apply stretched tape to mat seams you take away the mat tape's ability to adjust to any STRESS. If tape on a mat seam is already stretched to the max it can only react by letting go of it's bond when the seam is stressed. And once the tape lets go, problems start to occur:
  • 1) Edges roll.
  • 2) Edges rip.
  • 3) when the mats are mopped, cleaner gets under loose edges and the stressed tape gives up more of it's bond.
In summary, most programs understand the importance of keeping their mats clean. The importance of "CLEAN" is an easy sell. But STRETCHING mat tape off the roll when applying to mat seams is a tougher concept to sell.

Let me put it this way, I don't care what quality tape you use, if you STRETCH it when you apply it, I GUARANTEE STICKING PROBLEMS. This is especially true with the one-sided mats (Dollamur, E.Z. Flex, Resilite, etc). The Vintex surface on one-sided mats is not as porous as two-sided classic mats, and thus, tape doesn't stick as well. For years coaches got away with stretching tape for two-sided mats and the "stretch for economy" concept was born. Unfortunately, Stretching tape for one-sided mat application is not practical. Nearly all the calls Suplay receives about "non-stick" problems pertain to one-sided mats.

The answer is simple:
  • 1) Make sure you seams are clean
  • 2) Don't stretch your mat tape off the roll.
  • 3) For best results, buy HERO MAT TAPE, designed with one-side mats in mind.

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Mat tape - The things you need to know...






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