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Price: $250

.The Ultimate Wrestling Award, the STIX PIN documents the "Fall" and validates or certifies the special character of a wrestler who goes for the "PIN".NO ONE CAN DENY A "FALL". It's undisputable, it confirms Domination and it is testimony to a wrestler's aggression. When a wrestler PINS his opponent he proves to the world, for that time and moment, that he is the ALPHA WARRIOR.A wrestler with a STIX AWARD DOESN'T HAVE TO BRAG. He knows that every STIX Pin he wears is recorded. Proof of his power is documented as to: Who, When, and Where.The STIX PIN is designed to celebrate COURAGE and to show HONOR.
Price: $1200

Price: $1000

. Honor your wrestler with a STIX engraved PIN. The front of the STIX Pin has the STIX Logo and the registration number. The back side of the PIN is personalized! Includes presentation case.
Price: $400

.STIX Presentation Case for our STIX AWARD Alpha Pins!
Price: $1000

. STIX Tournament Pins are referred to as Alpha Pins. They are engraved with the Tournament Name, date and logo. They are purchased when a wrestler records his first "pin" at that particular tournament. TheAlpha Pin is used to display succeeding "pins" by attaching STIX PWNs (pronounced "pown") danglers [item #STIXPWN) . These PWN's represent "Pins" also and have a registration number.MINIMUM PURCHASE FOR TOURNAMENT PINS is 350 pieces.
Price: $200

. A Stix PWN represents a "fall" or "pin" in a wrestling match. PWNs are a classy and economical way to display the "PINS" a wrestler has earned. PWN's can be attached to STIX PINS, Charm Bracelets, or anecklace. Like the STIX PIN, the PWN can be registered and engraved. Cost: $2.00 ea, 6 for $10.00. Call for team price (50 or more)
Price: $250

.STIX- STATE pins!
Price: $299

.World of Wrestling WOW Stix Pin!

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