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Wrestling Kneepads

Price: $2200 - $1999

Price: $3500 - $3199

.Cliff Keen PORON XRD kneepad features a highly technical Poron XRD pad that slips inside the sleeve. Poron XRD is a revolutionary padding system that is some of the most protective padding out there.
Price: $2200 - $1799

.Kinetofoam protects impacts to the knee, mesh back panels provide flexibility & keeps you drier & cooler
Price: $2000 - $1699

.Gel pad in impact area of this 7' sleeve with kinetofoam open cell padding for breathability.
Price: $1800 - $1699

.Reversible, with an EVA pad, the ASICS GEL Cushioning System, and a flocked logo.
Price: $1600 - $1399

.Reversible Neoprene Materia EVA Pad- Helps cushion impact
Price: $1700 - $1599

.End mat burn with the short-length wrestling knee sleeve.
Price: $1699

.Bulk is reduced without sacrificing protection to critical impact areas.
Price: $1000 - $899

.The wide cushioned PU foam pad swaddles the kneecap in protection
Price: $1800 - $1699

.GREAT Padding and moisture management
Price: $1000 - $899

.EVA padding and GELŪ Cushioning System
Price: $3399

.Features Asics Gel cushioning system EVA pad
Price: $2499

.Features EVA pad Sleek lycra coated neoprene sleeve
Price: $1699

.Uniquely designed pad profile that cushions impact and provides a comfortable fit.
Price: $1999

.ULTIMATE protection with this moisture wicking neoprene kneepad by Brute!
Price: $1850

.BRUTE Icon Knee SleeveSleek, low-profile sleeve that allows the knee to slide over the mat surface. Also great for maintaining the heat around the soft tissue during activity.
Price: $1799

.Lycra covered Neoprene sleeve kneepad with a DuraSorb pad.
Price: $1499

.BRUTE original knee pad features a nylon covered Neoprene sleeve with an EVA pad.
Price: $2399

.The Torq protects from impact to the knee with greater flexibility and less moisture build-up
Price: $4980 - $4499

.Maximum Protection and Stability - the best knee protection for any sport.
Price: $1199

.Ergonomic construction and anatomical compression- provides high-impact protection and excellent fit.
Price: $2200 - $1999

.Comfortable fit and increased performance on the mat!
Price: $1180 - $1199

Price: $1260 - $1199

.Single Leg compression sleeve keeps your knee ligaments warm and comfortable, with style!
Price: $499

.Outlaw's SNIPER Youth REVERSIBLE lycra kneepad!
Price: $999

.Matmans neoprene sleeve knee pad ADULT
Price: $1499

.Newly designed to give the wrestler more rebound or bounce when going for the takedown.
Price: $2190 - $1799

.Contoured fit for maximum comfort-Extra inner pad for shock protection
Price: $1990 - $1499

.Reversible with both sides of Nylon Neoprene.
Price: $1390 - $1099

.Matmans neoprene knee pad made especially for the youth wrestler
Price: $1999

.Protective high performance Volleyball/Wrestling Kneepad with maximum impact and abrasion resistance
Price: $1699 - $1299

Price: $1699

.OUTLAW LYCRA/NYLON REVERSIBLE KNEEPAD is the best on today`s wrestling market!
Price: $1499 - $999

.OUTLAW REVERSIBLE form fitting Knee pad featuring a Nylon covered Neoprene sleeve
Price: $799

.Will NOT come down in competition! Pair YOUTH
Price: $999

.Outlaw RIDER breathable sleeve NO GAP FIT!
Price: $2199

.Sock-like fit meets low profile protection in this ultra-lightweight kneepad
Price: $1990 - $1899

Price: $1990 - $1599


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