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Price: $999

.Matman Tournament Wrestling Ankle Bands are constructed from a soft vinyl and feature a handy velcro closure. These ankle bands are easy to put on and remove and come as a set. Includes 4 bands (2 red & 2 green )
Price: $1200 - $999

.Red and royal, or red and kelly green, these featherweight, PVC-free cuffs feature a biomorphic fit, enhancing a wrestler’s ease of movement as he shoots the takedown or makes an escape. Rugged Velcro allows adjustable fit. Includes 2 of each color! TEAM PRICE: $8.99 for 10+!
Price: $800 - $699

.Wristbands and toss coin - Greco or Freestyle! Whether the tournament is Greco (GREEN/RED) or Freestyle (BLUE/RED), wrestling referees will find this new package indispensable. Kit includes one of each color wrist band and one flip disc.
Price: $85000

.Accurate And Versatile, the newest digital tabletop Scoreboard Timer Easy to OperateFour Period IndicatorIndividual Scoring ControlsBright 4 LED Numerals for Score and TimeCounts Down from Your Pre-Set TimeLoud Horn Sounds when time expiresSolid State CircuitryConvenient Carry handleUsuable for Multiple SportsProgrammable Training ModeManufactured in the U.S.A.Two-Year WarrantyTotal Weight - 22 lbsScoreboard Size - 33 x 8 x 2Console size - 7 x 6 x 5 Special ship charges apply.
Price: $2,75900

.Designed for true 360° visibility, this 3-sided tournament scoreboard has more helpful features, user-friendly controls, and a durable design that ensures years of trouble-free service. Operating the it is so easy that even untrained scorekeepers can master it within minutes; the control layout is simple and logical. Special ship charges apply.
Price: $399

Price: $1120 - $999

.Soft vinyl with Velcro fasteners. Washable.
Price: $13280 - $11899

.Ideal for tournaments and meets. Large 6' numerals. Score appears on both sides of easel for easy reading from any part of the gym. Designed specifically for wrestling, center panel indicates period. Flip over, large numbers are clearly visible at a distance. Compact. Folds flat. Only 3' thick for easy carry or storage. One set of numbers is Red; the other set is Green. Scores from 0-100 points. Also works nicely for scoring other sports. 23' X 15'
Price: $540 - $499

.Red/Green or Red/Blue plastic disk.
Price: $4995

.M21 - 2nd - Poly Warp Knit Pants Made for wrestling officials. Beltless with Western top pockets. Unhemmed. Black.
Price: $3395

.Short sleeves and a double knit collar with sewn-in stays and zipper front, optic white stripes, rib-knit cuffs, 2' longer split tail, double stitching and a left chest pocket. VISA® fabric.
Price: $699

.The wrestling scorebook, complete and concise. Updated and complete scoring information columns. Includes NCAA and international wrestling sheets, dual meets, 17 weight classes, tournaments, season summaries, etc.
Price: $9999

.A durable and reliable clock at a great price. This new, premium digital clock features a large display and heavy duty Start/Stop button. Loud alarm can be set for any time limit desired. Counts down. Use for meets or wrestling drills. Takes 4 C batteries (included).
Price: $999

.The first weight chart specifically designed for Wrestling. Double sided. 24' x 36'.
Price: $599

.Will outlast any other wrist bands. Made from soft vinyl that wraps around and fastens with Velcro™. Easy to put on, take off. Washable-will not shrink or stretch out of shape. GRECO Set includes: 1 Red Band and 1 Green Band. FREESTYLE SET INCLUDES: 1 Red Band and 1 Blue band.
Price: $1000 - $850

.Our most popular multi-sport whistle. The Fox 40 Classic is a pealess whistle with a sharp, clear sound.
Price: $6000

.ENOUGH FEATURES TO RUN A FULL STATE TOURNAMENT - BUT EASY ENOUGH TO LEARN TO RUN A SMALL LOCAL TOURNEY This program uses full double elimination bracketing and Rulebook Scoring, Scoring may be modified. Each bracket size is a separate program. Bracketing with scoring to 4, 6, and 8 places for Windows 95/98. The DOS version has been used in Washington for 13 Years, scoring the State '*Mat Classic'* for 10 years. The Windows version has been used successfully for Washington's 'Mat Classic' since 2000. 'Mat Classic' is four levels (all 16-man brackets) of High School Wrestling on 24 mats in the Tacoma Dome. Wrestling Tournament Manager was used successfully on Windows 2000 for the 2001 Washington 4A Region 1 championships. It was also was used successfully on Windows XP for the 2002 Kingco 4A tournament. ' WOW! What a pleasant experience our tournament was. My husband and I usually dread the scoring (handwriting bout cards and using a spreadsheet for team scores). However, w
Price: $3100 - $2899

.Now made with Cliff Keen's Ultra-Mesh Performance Wear material. Made especially with officials in mind, this shirt is knit from the finest blend of natural and performance yarns. Lightweight EZ-Care Gray Pinstripe ULTRA-Mesh™ fabric keeps you cool and maintains its shape, even during the most grueling games. Shrink, wrinkle, and stain resistant for a durable, long life. Feels like soft cotton against the skin. Fortified with our woven fabric technology; it wicks moisture from the body, increasing comfort and providing an intangible performance advantage. Now approved for NFHS and NCAA Wrestling.
Price: $1795 - $1999

. Endorsed by Dan Gable, J Robinson, and John Smith. The Predicament Wrestling Scorebook contains 48 team scoring pages in the front and 48 wrestler statistics pages in the back half where 24 wrestlers get their own 2 pages on which you can chronologically record all their stats in up to 64 matches! The features of this scoring book are the best untearable red poly covers (front and back), 14`` x 10`` size, spiral bound along the top edge, team tournament summary forms, team dual meet summary forms, wrestlers` season statistics summary forms, updated each year to allow for rule changes! Dan Gable, Iowa`s legendary wrestling coach used the Predicament Wrestling Scorebook during his last 15 years of coaching! (So did over 2400 other schools last year!)
Price: $2999

.The Accusplit Eagle AE625M35 Stopwatch has great features and functions designed to give you professional timing in an affordable manner. The AE625M35 operates on the same Watch Company Operating System (WOS 2.5) used by most watch manufacturers, is manufactured with the highest standards, and uses only the best of the WOS operating features and functions. The Accusplit AE625M35 is designed with a 10-hour repeat countdown timer, a thirty-event memory, and a pacer that allows you to set a pace from five to 240 beats-per-minute. The AE625M35 stopwatch tracks your fastest and slowest lap time, computes your average split time, and features dual-split (cumulative and lap) timing. The split time is the interval of time measured from the start of the timing to the next pause of time. The lap-split timing displays the clasped time of a given split, while the cumulative (CUM) split time is the capture of elapsed time to current event and consists of all splits beginning to end. The AE625M35 a
Price: $499

.16 man bracket board printed to order on sturdy white poster board. The name of the event in your choice of color!
Price: $499

.8 man bracket board printed to order on sturdy white poster board. The name of the event in your choice of color!
Price: $899

.SUPLAY OFFICIAL SCOREBOOK! Provides an easy way to keep score and vital wrestling statistics. Space for: 25 dual meets16 matches per sheet22 tournament score sheets6 tournament results sheetsteam & individual dual meet summariesIndividual statistics TEAM PRICING: $7.99 each for 10+!
Price: $1699

.Pair of stretch neoprene wristbands and two flip disks for wrestling officials. Green wristband is reversible with blue on opposite side.

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