The Brute Group

Price: $3299

.Brute Gear Bag features an internal sleeve that separates the mesh paneling in order to allow damp clothes and equipment to air dry.
Price: $1899

.The original wrestling under garment - lined with sanitary cotton
Price: $1999

.Brute COWBOY Singlet NOW ON SALE!
Price: $1499

.Tough and comfortable short with 8” inseam.
Price: $1999

.ULTIMATE protection with this moisture wicking neoprene kneepad by Brute!
Price: $1850

.BRUTE Icon Knee SleeveSleek, low-profile sleeve that allows the knee to slide over the mat surface. Also great for maintaining the heat around the soft tissue during activity.
Price: $1799

.Lycra covered Neoprene sleeve kneepad with a DuraSorb pad.
Price: $1499

.BRUTE original knee pad features a nylon covered Neoprene sleeve with an EVA pad.
Price: $1499

.Frictionless pad cover for quick, aggressive attack
Price: $1999

.High cut, quad length nylon wrestling singlet that feature rib knit legs and Brute`s Evaptech technology
Price: $3199

.The Quad is back with newer stylings and enhanced features for even better comfort and performance.
Price: $3799

.Fabric: Toughtex Lycra tights with stirrups help avoid infectious skin diseases and knee burns. Tights feature drawstring elastic waist
Price: $2399

.The Torq protects from impact to the knee with greater flexibility and less moisture build-up
Price: $2999

. BRUTE OHIO STATE SINGLET AT CLOSEOUT PRICES! Toughtex Lycra singlet, high cut with hemmed legs and gripper elastic. Various color combinations.
Price: $4599

. BEST SELLER YEAR AFTER YEAR! Brute`s basic high cut solid color lycra singlet sports Quad Length, Toughtex Lycra, legs hemmed with gripper elastic.
Price: $7099

.The Brute Maverick singlet is one of Brute most popular high cut stock wrestling singlets.
Price: $5499

.Advanced fit just for women! Specially designed strap width and neck opening insures full coverage.
Price: $1699

.Pair of stretch neoprene wristbands and two flip disks for wrestling officials. Green wristband is reversible with blue on opposite side.
Price: $4000 - $2999

. OLD STYLE fully adjustable 4-strap system with plenty of room for the ear
Price: $3599

.E-Lycra High Cut Wrestling Singlet features a high-cut design with lycra fabric for improved comfort and performance on the mat.
Price: $6699

Price: $5099

.Womens solid color Toughtex lycra singlet. High cut, legs with hem and gripper elastic.
Price: $1100

.Optional colors for straps for Brute CLASSIC 2 headgear

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