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Brands Finishes & Penetration

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Terry Brands: Penetration and Finishes, with Terry Brands, University of Tennessee-Chattanooga Head Couch; Olympic Bronze Medallist, 2X NCAA Champion (Iowa)

As and NCAA championship wrestler, and now as a coach, Terry Brands "practices and preaches" aggressiveness. Being aggressive keeps your wrestlers on the offensive, keeping the opponent off balance, forving mistakes, and creating openings for your wrestlers to score. In order to take advantage of those openings, your wrestlers need good penetration skills. In this presentation (from the "On the Mat" demonstration coaches clinic - in conjunction with teh International Wrestling Institute's Hall of Fame inductions), Brands demonstratoes how to get deep penetration for a number of different moves from any position on the mat. He describes the key principles of penetration (shoulder/knee alignment and position) in each situation. Brands also touches on a number of different finishes that can be used to score takedowns. Strong penetration skills with make finishing moves much easier! FREE SHIPPING!