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Duane Goldman: The Claw Series

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with Duane Goldman, Indiana University Head Coach; 4X All-American and NCAA Champion (Iowa)
At Indiana, Coach Goldman puts a lot of emphasis of holding an advantage on the mat. Goldman's team has found great success with the Claw Series, which is similar to the Spiral Breakdown, but puts a lot more pressure on the opponent. In this demonstration clinic presentation, Goldman covers the basic technique of the Claw, and demonstrates 10 different tilts off it. Any counter your opponent can try, Goldman shows how to stop it and score with a tilt off it. That's what makes this series so unique - every motion turns itself into a scoring opportunity. In addition, it is a safe ride to use when you need to run out the clock. Goldman and his Hoosier wrestlers have found great success with the Claw - now, you can too! FREE SHIPPING!

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