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Riding, Pinning & Takedowns

Price: $3999

.If you don't have the quickest, strongest wrestlers, the WHIZZER can be a great equalizer. Use it to get an escape or to score!
Price: $3999

.Scrambling allows your wrestler to use his opponent's shot as his takedown. These moves, if drilled repeatedly, will give your wrestlers another option to score -instead of giving up the points or hoping for a stalemate.
Price: $3999

.Coach Duane Goldman's Hoosier team has found great success with the Claw Series, which is similar to the Spiral Breakdown, but puts a lot more pressure on the opponent.
Price: $3999

.A key to Dennis Hall's success has been the Over-Under and the throws he has been able to hit from the Over-Under; in this video he passes along some of the secrets of this set-up. This video shows your wrestlers the keys to executing their throws every time.
Price: $3999

.The Russian Tie series is an excellent move that wrestlers at any level or weight class can use to score points. This is an excellent change of postion tie-up that allows your wrestler to save his strength while moving his opponent into position to score.
Price: $3999

.Kerry McCoy presents a number of tips and techniques that will help your wrestler stop his opponent's explosion from the bottom.McCoy shows how easy it will be for your wrestler to float from one scoring opportunity to another.
Price: $3999

.Olympian Kerry McCoy presents an in-depth look at two of his favorite moves that have helped him become one of the top heavyweight wrestlers in the world. An excellent tape that will add to your wrestlers takedown arsenal!
Price: $3699

.FROM BIRTH TO THE CRADLE Mike Rogers received the Most Pins award in the 1996 NCAA Tournament If you like to PIN this DVD is for you! 15 Deadly Cradle Combo`s for SERIOUS Grapplers Only. (FREE SHIPPING!) dvd
Price: $3999

.Mitch Clark combines drills with technique to show how to dominate from the top position. This DVD will give wrestlers the confidence to take the top position every time!
Price: $3499

.BRENT BARNES PROGRESSIVE PRESSURE WRESTLING Takedown Drill SECRETS from a FOUR time coach of state championship teams!Neutral drills THAT PAY OFF in first place results! (shipping included!)

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