MCCOY Top Positiion Controlling Opponent

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The All-American Heavyweight Technique Series:
Top Position: Controlling Your Opponent

With Kerry McCoy, Lehigh University Assistant Wrestling Coach, 2X NCAA Heavyweight Champion, 4X World Cup Champion, 3X US Freestyle Champion

Kerry McCoy provides an in-depth look at the top position, presenting a number of tips and techniques that will help your wrestler stop his opponent's explosion from the bottom. McCoy begins with a look at the proper technique to use when breaking down an opponent. He passes along three secrets that your wrestler can use to get an advantage over his opponent before the whistle even blows! From there he moves into scoring from the top, starting with a tilt series. This series features five different tilts your wrestler can use based on what his opponent does or how much time is left. McCoy always looks to score with a tilt first, but if he can't he flows into a leg series or bar arm series. He shows a number of different scoring variations to use from these two series. With all these options available, McCoy shows how easy it will be for your wrestler to float from one scoring opportunity to another. FREE SHIPPING!