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Purler Foundation

Price: $34599

.Complete 9 disc set on the Purler FOUNDATIONS OF WRESTLING Phase 1, Phase II & Phase III advanced!
Price: $41000

. PURLER MAGIC DVD & CD SET! Top wrestlingtraining DVD's featuring Nick Purlers complete set of the FOUNDATIONS OF WRESTLING & Winning the Mental Game of Wrestling. Regularly priced at over $545, on sale now!
Price: $10999

.What’s included – 2 full CDs packed with advice for the wrestler. Disc 3 has advice and tips for the high school and youth coaches and wrestling dads. Product overview – Is your son a nervous wreck before his matches? You can’t do without our 3 disc AUDIO series in which Nick shares over 30 years of year-round wrestling and coaching experience and covers everything from controlling your nerves, winning close matches, getting into the ‘flow’, how to drill, tactical wrestling, weight cutting, following a plan, running organized workouts, coaching your son and when NOT to..and much more. Sections are included for the wrestler, parent, and coach.
Price: $12000

.Purler's youth / beginner’s series is recommended for wrestlers with zero to three years of experience. Purler's Youth / Beginner’s DVDs focus the wrestlers on fundamental positioning and hand-fighting while putting an emphasis on high percentage / low-risk techniques from the common wrestling positions. The primary focus is on the high percentage but easier to learn skills so that the wrestlers can quickly develop an arsenal of ‘go to’ techniques from wrestling’s most common positions. We need our newer wrestlers to enjoy the sport immediately and Foundation Wrestling Youth/ Beginner’s series will do this for you.
Price: $12000

.Phase I of Foundation Wresting is the sport of wrestling defined, explained, and taught. Many feel that Foundation Wrestling / Phase I is the finest wrestling product ever produced for the sport of wrestling, and we believe that is true.You will learn that wrestling is made up of 4 key areas and that your FOUNDATION is built upon these 4 pillars: Match Readiness / Positioning / Hand-fighting / Technique. Purler's videos are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by Gary Frey, Hall of Fame Coach and Owner of Suplay Products!
Price: $12000

.Foundation Wrestling Phase II System DVD Set 3 DVD's & handbookPhase II takes you into the ‘next tier’ of wrestling techniques that you will need to know and understand since the more advanced wrestlers will have a somewhat different set of common positions. Purler's videos are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by Gary Frey, Hall of Fame Coach and Owner of Suplay Products!
Price: $12000

.Phase III is rounds out our 4-step training course that is FOUNDATION WRESTLING by adding 4 complete discs which build upon the key areas of hand-fighting, scrambling, tricks-of-the-trade, advanced finishes, etc.Purler's videos are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by Gary Frey, Hall of Fame Coach and Owner of Suplay Products!
Price: $8999

.Freestyle / Greco-Roman series (3 dvds)New Release by Purlers Foundations of Wrestling!

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