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Phase III Phase III is rounds out our 4-step training course that is FOUNDATION WRESTLING by adding 4 complete discs which build upon the key areas of hand-fighting, scrambling, tricks-of-the-trade, advanced finishes, etc. Furthermore, we add to our advanced technique list by teaching areas such as the low-single series, an extreme bar arm series, advanced defense from commonly neglected areas such as the mid-level position, etc. Phase III is beyond the scope of 'team training' but very well suited for the coach that wants to pick-and-choose supplemental areas to cover in his workouts or the individual wrestler / coach that just wants to gobble up the sport of wrestling and know more technique than most college coaches know.
Coaches should teach the series in ‘chunks’ and get the teaching out of the way and let the drilling begin. Too often, coaches do all the work and the kids seem bored sitting on the wall watching the coach do moves. Get some weekend camps going with your team, teach them 75% of the Phase I dvds or all the leg-riding and then drill them the next 2-3 weeks and then do it again. Teach Part II in a mini-camp format as well. Spend 2 Saturdays hammering this stuff out. Don't waste time running the hall ways or track when you could be implementing FOUNDATION WRESTLING into your rooms. FREE SHIPPING!

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