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Hibistat Skin Clnsr Packet 5Ml Case/50 D

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HIBISTAT® is a germicidal hand wipe that provides rapid bactericidal action and has a persistent antimicrobial effect against a wide range of microorganisms.
Shut-out MRSA and other pathogens
with HIBISTAT® Towelettes.
HIBISTAT kills MRSA1 and other potentially dangerous pathogens. Only Hibistat combines 70% Isopropyl Alcohol for immediate kill and 0.5% CHG for persistent antimicrobial effect to give you the best possible protection on the go.

Wipe up with the benefits:
Alcohol and CHG2 (keeps working even when the alcohol dries)
Wipes away debris
Residual killing action for up to 6 hours
Convenient and Portable
Effective against a wide range of microorganisms 

CASE OF 50 - 5 ML packets

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