Resilite Resi-Wheeler

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Now you can use the same transporter that we use. Resilite's large 16" pneumatic tires makes transporting easy. It is constructed with a heavy gauge tubular steel frame and provides a 1000 lb. capacity for easy mat handling. Just center the Resilite mat section on the Resi-Wheeler and away you go. * NEW DESIGN! * Holds one mat section, 14’ long and 32” in diameter. * Fabrication: 1" tubular frame. * Frame size: 22" W, 18" H, 62" L. * Weight: 45 lbs. * Two large 16” rubber wheels saves wear-and-tear on gym floors. * Small casters on front keeps the frame off the gym floor. NOTE: Designed for transporting mats only - permanent damage to mats WILL occur if mats are stored on the Resi-Wheeler. SHIPPING INCLUDED

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