Kennedy Spray N Roller

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Spray-N-Roll Sprayer with 3 Gallon Tank on Wheels The Spray-N-Roll will make quick work of cleaning & disinfecting your wrestling mats! Perfect for wall mats too! No more filling & transportng mop buckets to the wrestling room! No more dipping & wringing out Monster Mop pads! Left-over Kenclean solution can be used later - saving money & waste! The Spray-N-Roll is not like Sprayers you find in Home Centers & Garden Shops... Industrial Grade yet lightweight, three gallon sprayer is perched atop large wheels, perfect for soft wrestling surfaces. 6 Ft. Flexible hose attached to a 29"unbreakable wand. High grade, 1 gallon per minute angle cutting nozzle makes wetting your mats a breeze! Special ship charges apply.

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