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Price: $30000

.Incredibly sticky, re-usable mat removes dust and loose dirt from the athlete's shoe soles to increase their traction and improve surface conditions, from a Basketball Court to a Wrestling Mat. More convenient than the Sole Mat - No soapy water to contend with. Easy to clean. Can be cleaned and ready to use in under 1 minute. More economical and much sticker than disposable tape systems, like those used in basketball. NO REFILLS NEEDED! 2 Year Guarantee! When cleaned the mat is guaranteed to stay sticky for at least two years. We have mats that have been in use for over 4 years that show no sign of wearing out! Size 21' x 42'. Available colors RED or Black. Special ship charges apply.
Price: $34000

.Every Athlete Should Start with a clean sole! Designed to clean the wrestlers shoes prior to stepping onto the wrestling mat or into a match. Constructed of high-quality rubber. Sits in a custom fitted steel tray for easy convenient and long lasting life. Guaranteed for three years against manufacturers defects (tray and mat only.) Its 35 x 25 and incorporates over 10,500 3/8 rubber scrapers. Holds up to one gallon of cleaning solution. THIS ITEM REQUIRES ADDITIONAL SHIPPING DUE TO IT`S WEIGHT-WE WILL NOTIFY YOU OF WHAT THE SHIPPING CHARGE WILL BE PRIOR TO SHIPMENT Special ship charges apply.
Price: $19000

.Top Down Mopping System Fill the Top Down Bucket with a gallon of cleaning solution. Add up to 8 pads with the white side facing up. Place lid on bucket and turn upside down to let pads absorb the solution. (Cover is airtight & pads can be left in bucket overnight.) When it's time to mop, open lid and place mop base on the top pad attaching it to the base. Mop until the pad is dirty or too dry, then remove and get another, repeating the process until mopping is finished. System includes: 24' shockproof bucket with handle for easy transport, 8 washable microfiber pads, sturdy aluminum mophandle and fiberglass base.Special ship charges apply.
Price: $6795

.RK 520 Reconditioning Kit 1/2 Pt Paint 1/2 Pt Paint (2nd Color) 1/2 Pt Glue 1/2 Pt Solvent (MEK) 1/2 Pt Caulking Compound SPECIFY 2 COLORS OF PAINT! Special ship charges apply.
Price: $699

.Mat Straps by Resilite for all sizes Wrestling Mats!Choose your TYPE of MAT (Regular or Lightweight) and choose your MAT SIZE : Home Mat (15` square or smaller), Commercial Mat Regular (20X20` or smaller), Commercia Mat Large (larger than 20`X20`).REGULAR MAT STRAP: Resilite Mat Storage Straps are made of a high quality nylon and plastic buckles. It is suggested to use one strap for every 5' of mat.MAT STRAP FOR LIGHTWEIGHT MATS: Secure your Light Weight mats with specially made nylon straps. Resilite Mat Storage Straps are made of a high quality commercial-quality nylon. It is suggested to use one or two straps per roll.NOTE: The average 42` x 42` mat has 7 sections and would require 14 straps.
Price: $25000

.TOURNAMENT CORNER CARPET FEATURES: Carpet Corners Set 1 set: 1 Red / 1 Green Corner Long-lasting, durable, high-quality carpet bound on all edges with latex sealed backing to prevent slippage and movement. Protects the mat from chair leg gouges and provides an area designated for coaches. Set includes one (1) 8-ft x 8-ft triangular Red Corner and one (1) 8-ft x 8-ft triangular Green Corner. FREE SHIPPING!
Price: $3,95000

.If you store your mats in an active area, you'll want a set of padded bumper guards to reduce impact type injuries. The padding is covered with 18 oz. vinyl fabric, the toughest in the business! The bumper guards mount onto the frame of each unit and they attach with VelcroŽ straps. Special ship charges apply.
Price: $2799

. Special ship charges apply.
Price: $4499

.1/2 Pt Paint 1/2 Pt Glue 1/2 Pt Solvent (MPK) 1/3 Pt Caulking Compound Special ship charges apply.
Price: $1099

.Two sewn-in handle loops for easy moving. Non-gouging D rings hold mat firmly in place when rolled. Use one strap for approximately every 5' width of mat. 2' wide, 114' long.
Price: $5000

.Mat tape should be removed frequently so that you can disinfect the area under the tape which can harbor bacteria and mold.Often a gluey residue is left behind when the tape is removed. Kennedy MTR can be used to take up that residue quickly with no noxious odors. This product contains no petroleum distillates or chlorinated solvents and is completely biodegradable. Use full strength. No diluting necessary. Economical gallon
Price: $800

.A simple effective tool for re-rolling mat tapes quickly and cleanly

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